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CloudHQ Review

CloudHQ is a company that was founded in 2011. It is an online service offering email productivity workflow solutions and cloud sync as well as backup solutions. It is serves as a cloud storage aggregator that keeps your Google Docs, Share point, Dropbox, Sales force, One Drive, Amazon S3 and Google Drive files all in sync via the web.

Their services are diverse and address the needs most companies have. They include but are not limited to: Email tracker, sync and backup emails, Mail King, Good Morning, Gmail Phone Email tracker, Snooze email, Gmail web clipper, Gmail notes, Gmail send your email to sms and save emails to drop box.

The pricing for their products and services are reasonable and there is always a free plan. The paid plans offer 15 days no obligation trial with 2GB transfer limit to test the products to see how they work for you. The Gmail send your email to sms (text) offers 25 text messages per month and if more sms units are required, the user has the option to upgrade to a paid plan where purchasing a Gmail phone number would be required.

There are support documents and clear concise explanations on how to use each service. Support is by phone or email depending on what plan you are on.

When you sign up with CloudHQ, you have to authorize it as a third-party app to access your Gmail account and requsite services it needs. With authorization given, you can go ahead and use services you signed up for which is basically straight forward.

The Gmail send your email to sms (text), is fully integrated with Gmail. You need to first install the chrome extension on your computer and when you log into Gmail, you will be prompted to link your email account with CloudHQ. This service enables you to send your email to someone’s phone number via SMS text. It also allows you Setup text notification for important emails and to send or CC emails to any mobile number.

To send your email as sms, all you have to do is open the email you want to forward and click the phone icon a link for the message is immediately created and you are prompted to enter the recipient’s phone number. Click send and it is done. On the recipient’s end, a text message containing a CloudHQ link to the email is received. When the link is clicked, the complete email is made available to the recipient. If the text is replied, the sender gets it in his Gmail account as he would an email.

The unique characteristic of this service is that instead of traditional sms where one is forced to squeeze important information into 160 characters, a sender can send out complete information by text and be notified about incoming emails by sms which is convenient when on the move. In conclusion, this service is fast, convenient and breaks away from the traditional form of sending sms.


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