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Ikoyi Elite Luxury Blog

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Ikoyi Elite is a blog aimed at individuals with discerning tastes. The blog covers a number of luxury categories including travel, fashion, gourmet dining, high jewellery and a lot more.

Users are given regular gift ideas with information on where to purchase them. Many of the luxury items covered on the blog can be purchased right from the blog by clicking links that lead to the brand or retailers’ websites where secure purchases can be made.

There are more sections that encourage readers input like guessing the designers of certain items. Users who lead luxury lifestyles are also encouraged to contribute and giving other blog users a glimpse into their fabulous lives by filling out the form.

There is also a dedicated shopping category where carefully selected designer goods are displayed for blog visitors to browse and shop.

Ikoyi Elite has something to offer everyone, be it private Island vacation destinations, luxury jewellery, designer fashion, online shopping, viewing other people’s fabulous lives. It caters for various interests in this very unique universe of luxury.

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Photo Credit: Bulgari Earrings from Selfridges website