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CloudHQ Review

CloudHQ is a company that was founded in 2011. It is an online service offering email productivity workflow solutions and cloud sync as well as backup solutions. It is serves as a cloud storage aggregator that keeps your Google Docs, Share point, Dropbox, Sales force, One Drive, Amazon S3 and Google Drive files all in sync via the web.

Their services are diverse and address the needs most companies have. They include but are not limited to: Email tracker, sync and backup emails, Mail King, Good Morning, Gmail Phone Email tracker, Snooze email, Gmail web clipper, Gmail notes, Gmail send your email to sms and save emails to drop box.

The pricing for their products and services are reasonable and there is always a free plan. The paid plans offer 15 days no obligation trial with 2GB transfer limit to test the products to see how they work for you. The Gmail send your email to sms (text) offers 25 text messages per month and if more sms units are required, the user has the option to upgrade to a paid plan where purchasing a Gmail phone number would be required.

There are support documents and clear concise explanations on how to use each service. Support is by phone or email depending on what plan you are on.

When you sign up with CloudHQ, you have to authorize it as a third-party app to access your Gmail account and requsite services it needs. With authorization given, you can go ahead and use services you signed up for which is basically straight forward.

The Gmail send your email to sms (text), is fully integrated with Gmail. You need to first install the chrome extension on your computer and when you log into Gmail, you will be prompted to link your email account with CloudHQ. This service enables you to send your email to someone’s phone number via SMS text. It also allows you Setup text notification for important emails and to send or CC emails to any mobile number.

To send your email as sms, all you have to do is open the email you want to forward and click the phone icon a link for the message is immediately created and you are prompted to enter the recipient’s phone number. Click send and it is done. On the recipient’s end, a text message containing a CloudHQ link to the email is received. When the link is clicked, the complete email is made available to the recipient. If the text is replied, the sender gets it in his Gmail account as he would an email.

The unique characteristic of this service is that instead of traditional sms where one is forced to squeeze important information into 160 characters, a sender can send out complete information by text and be notified about incoming emails by sms which is convenient when on the move. In conclusion, this service is fast, convenient and breaks away from the traditional form of sending sms.


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Ikoyi Elite Luxury Blog

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Ikoyi Elite is a blog aimed at individuals with discerning tastes. The blog covers a number of luxury categories including travel, fashion, gourmet dining, high jewellery and a lot more.

Users are given regular gift ideas with information on where to purchase them. Many of the luxury items covered on the blog can be purchased right from the blog by clicking links that lead to the brand or retailers’ websites where secure purchases can be made.

There are more sections that encourage readers input like guessing the designers of certain items. Users who lead luxury lifestyles are also encouraged to contribute and giving other blog users a glimpse into their fabulous lives by filling out the form.

There is also a dedicated shopping category where carefully selected designer goods are displayed for blog visitors to browse and shop.

Ikoyi Elite has something to offer everyone, be it private Island vacation destinations, luxury jewellery, designer fashion, online shopping, viewing other people’s fabulous lives. It caters for various interests in this very unique universe of luxury.

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Photo Credit: Bulgari Earrings from Selfridges website

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#Naijafund Crowdfunding Platform For Nigerians

Naijafund is a crowdfunding platform that empowers all Nigerians irrespective of their geographical location to fundraise online for their personal projects or causes. It is Nigeria’s answer to Gofundme and is free and easy to use.

The platform has been and is still being used to raise money for weddings, tuition fees , funerals and parties. It is also used for collecting church donations . Donations are paid into crowdfunders’ bank accounts and they are not required to sign up for e-wallets and other inconveniencing methods to receive money. For more, visit Naijafund website and start your campaign.


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Review-Renderforest Video Maker

Renderforest is a cloud based video maker for creating intro videos for YouTube, explainer animations, product or service promotional videos, kinetic typography, and a lot more.

It is an easy to use online tool. There are some instructional videos on how to edit and create your video which is a clear and simple process. There are five different subscription plans available starting with a free offering up to the Enterprise plan of $299 per month or $999 per annum. There is also a reasonably priced pay per export plan which most video makers do not have so with Renderforest, you are not forced to sign up for a subscription plan you do not need as was my case when I discovered the service.

With the free plan, users can download their videos although it will be a low quality one with the company’s watermark. Creating a video is a breeze. There are pre-built templates available and most times, all that needs to be edited is the text, logo, social media links as well as the music which can be selected from the media library. An option to add your own voice over is also available. If you need to start on a plain template the process is longer but you get to choose objects and images you want in your video instead of settling for the pre-built templates.

A feature I would like the Renderforest team to consider providing is the ability to play each video frame while editing to preview it instead of having to preview the whole video.

In conclusion, Renderforest is a good contender in the online video market sector and positions itself competitively by offering fair pricing and a varied pricing structure that serves both the frequent video creator or the occasional or one-off customer.